Melody Pilling

Welcome, adventurers!

New England Wedding + Adventure Elopement Photographer

I'm a Wedding and Adventure Elopement photographer based out of the beautiful state of Rhode Island serving all of New England and beyond!

If you couldn't tell by my work, I also have a deep love for Mountains and Travel. I am passionate about the great outdoors, documenting all the little moments, and creating experiences for people with the hope to inspire them to Adventure together more often. I drink way too much coffee, eat way too much chocolate, and stay up way too late - my mind never stops!

Nothing about me or my life is traditional, and the same goes for my style and work. If stiff, uncomfortable, posed photos are your fear - do not fret! My work is full of movement, emotion and is always inspired by nature. If you snort when you laugh, I want to hear it. If you fell in love on a mountaintop, I want to take you back to that very spot. I want to learn about what you have been through as a couple, and what you dream of for your future.  
Are you ready to begin your adventure? If so, lets get in touch!

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my name is Melody, but friends call me Mel!

The question is, are you ready to escape the ordinary?

Lets go where
you feel the most alive.

go wild, for a while

I'm saying 'yes!'

lets go explore!

              melody.a.pilling@gmail.coM               802-595-3229

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